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Transfer fee compensation tonnage KDA! KDA! KDA! The more you participate, the greater the benefits!
All IN One!! KDEX Personal integration wallet It's a single integrated wallet
that manages and deals with all of your cryptographic feeds.
Blockchain Personal CardsExchange
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KDEX Market

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Convenient and powerful mobile exchange

Welcome to the kdex mobile application where the pc exchange is still melted!

Now you can get the same mobile service as your pc anytime, anywhere.


Real-Time EncryptionCash Trend Analysis

Real-time encryption currency trends and information
can be viewed and understood at a glance to establish an investment history.
Provides real-time charts.


Easy encryption management

The app also supports personal integrated wallet and enables you to trade
and manage encrypted money in your personal wallet anytime, anywhere.

kdex is a stable exchange based on
pure blockchain.
Applied patent for block chain based transaction technology
Do you want to easily and securely manage encrypted transactions and storage with your personal wallet?
  • The world's first individual
    Block Chain Purse

    The world's first DB-based non-Central
    Block Chain Exchange

  • Personal integrated electronic wallet
    platform service

    All transactions are treated
    s physical encryption cards
    separate from the network

  • Safety and convenience
    of asset management

    Establish a service system
    so that if a private key is lost,
    it can be found by the person or family
    by following the normal procedure

  • The rapid withdrawal and withdrawal
    of various virtual currencies

    A variety of encrypted money transactions makes
    it quick and convenient for beginners.